Aberrant Software Inc. provides consulting services to iGaming operators. Aberrant Software has developed key relationships and has access to many valuable resources which can be made available to you.

Some of our services include:

  • Webdesign
  • Game Skinning and Design
  • Graphic and Artwork
  • 24/7 monitoring team to ensure minimal downtime
  • Backup Services
  • Security Auditing and Firewall Setup
  • Email and Notification Promotions
  • Financial Transaction Processing and Fraud Screening
  • Ecommerce Integration services
  • Software Technical Support
  • Custom Module Development
  • Tailored Business Reports
  • Business Consulting Services

Technical Support Services

In addition to the many support systems which are available, we also offer a wide range of specialized technical support services including the following:

  • Database Design
  • Software Testing
  • Ecommerce Integration and Testing
  • Game Testing
  • Security Audits